Parenting Professional Training Programme 

Are you a parent, teacher, or professional working with families, who would like to learn proven skills and strategies to empower parents to raise happy, confident and competent children?

Is this you?

  • 1.

    Are you looking for a new career? One that lifts you out of the humdrum? One where the answer to the question “Does what I do matter?” is an emphatic "yes!"

  • 2.

    Do you currently feel unfulfilled? Maybe you are a full-time parent and having previously had a successful career, feel there is a void in your life? Do you want fulfilling work that still allows you to care for your family? Do you want to do something that makes a difference?

  • 3.

    Or are you a professional working with families, who wants additional skills to make your job easier and to have a greater impact with your clientele?

  • 4.

    Do you believe that parents have a crucial role to play in nurturing the adults of the future to be successful, emotionally intelligent, capable people, who are courageous and confident and problem-solvers?

  • 5.

    Are you an empathetic person? Do you care about other people’s pain? Are you intuitive about what they’re feeling? Do you understand why parents sometimes feel shame about seeking help to raise their families?

  • 6.

    Are you interested in the science of child development, psychology and neuroscience? Do you believe that parenting strategies should be based on sound research? Do you think they also need to be practical, able to be applied in busy families? 

  • 7.

    Could you be the leader who inspires parents to change the way they're relating to their children and give them the skills to connect at a deeper level and communicate really effectively?

  • 8.

    Do you dream of making a real difference in your community, of leaving a legacy that you’ll be proud of?

Would you like.....
  • 1.

    A new fulfilling career that enables you to effect transformation in families, one that allows you to work in ways that you most enjoy and make a real difference to others?

  • 2.

    The ability to work flexibly around your own family by setting the hours you work?

  • 3.

    A programme to lift your exisiting skills in working with families from ordinary to extraordinary?

  • 4.

    The opportunity to take the parenting skills that you’ve honed in your own family to a much deeper level?

Just imagine knowing exactly what to say and what to do to

  • 1.

    ensure that your clients are open to all the wisdom you have to impart

  • 2.

    connect with each individual so that you’re meeting their precise needs

  • 3.

    inspire them to want to take the learning you offer into their own families and pass it on to friends as well

  • 4.

    empower your clients to solve their parenting conundrums with really effective, research based, family-tested tools and strategies

Imagine .......

  • 1.

    your clients coming to you and thanking you for giving them happiness they could not have imagined in their families

  • 2.

    the families whose lives you touch speaking of you in tones of awe and fondness

  • 3.

    opening up a brighter, happier future for the children of your clients

  • 4.

    if your clients became the biggest advocates of your work

  • 5.

    if your clients became your friends

    If any of these things resonate with you, it’s time to take action. Wouldn’t it be good to finally get that parenting training to take your career forward? 

    This Is Where We Can Help You

    The Parent Practice is a leading parenting coaching organisation in the UK and Australia, with directors Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan keynote speakers and best-selling authors. They have many years of experience helping families, in good times and in hard times, to bring out the best in their children.

    Parenting is a tough job at the best of times and parents need all the help they can get from experienced practitioners who are parents themselves.

    We offer a compassionate and non-judgemental approach with loads of practical solutions to the problems 21st Century families experience 

    Melissa has been leading Training for Trainers programmes in London and in Sydney for 11 years and participants have often travelled great distances to attend. But we realise that not everyone can do that so Melissa has created a new online Training for Trainers Programme which you can access without leaving your home, organising babysitting or even getting out of your pjs if you so wish!

    Melissa's Story

    Melissa has three now-adult children, a girl and two boys. The biggest challenge she faced in her parenting was with her middle son who was intense and impulsive as a little boy. He is dyslexic and was struggling academically. He tried to deflect from his difficulties with disruptive behaviours at school. His low self-worth showed up in aggressive and uncooperative behaviour at home and in school. He was constantly in trouble. He got told off so often that his fragile sense of self wouldn’t allow him to take responsibility anymore. He lied, made excuses or blamed others for his actions. Melissa dreaded the call from the school and the whispers of other parents. She was convinced she was a uniquely awful parent.

    Thankfully she learnt that was not the case. And nor was her son a uniquely awful child. She learnt to understand his temperament and the causes of his poor behaviour and she discovered how to bring out the best in him; his self-esteem grew and with it better behaviour and kindness toward others. His relationship with his siblings improved and Melissa no longer avoided playdates. While he didn’t particularly excel at school he maintained an interest in learning and he graduated top of his year at university.

    He is now a dad himself and is parenting his young daughter with great kindness and consistency.

    Introducing the online Training for Trainers Programme

    Why train with The Parent Practice?
    • 1.

      The Parent Practice has been helping parents bring out the best in their children and bringing joy and ease to families since 2004. Our positive parenting programmes have been accredited by Can Parent UK

    • 2.

      Training and certification in the delivery of parenting courses is a key part of what we do at The Parent Practice. Melissa has been training many of the UK’s parenting professionals, teachers, counsellors and therapists since 2008

    • 3.

      We ensure that the expert knowledge held within The Parent Practice is passed on to help more parents and families. No previous experience of our programmes is required to take this training

    • 4.

      Professionals or parents who successfully complete the Training for Trainers Online Programme receive a certificate at the end of the course and may apply to become a Parent Practice Licensee

    • 5.

      This is the first step to having your dream career, making a real difference in others’ family lives

    How does the course work?

    The online Training for Trainers Programme consists of:

    1. A six module positive parenting programme. This covers all the content you will need to run positive parenting programmes and can be accessed at any time as often as you want, forever.

    Each of the parenting modules contain several short videos with Melissa talking you through the topic, plus parent notes and action sheets which you can print out to create your own parenting manual.

    2. A module on facilitation skills  incorporating:

    • Videos of real classes in action
    • Videos of specific facilitation skills –explanations and demonstrations 
    • A manual of facilitation skills

    Facilitation training involves learning about:

    • facilitating each participant’s learning – being aware of what may make parents feel uncomfortable and making sure they feel safe, being aware of different learning styles and responding to them accordingly, knowing how to empower an individual and enthuse them
    • group dynamics
    • managing participants who are dominant or encouraging those who are withdrawn
    • presentation skills
    • managing participants’ expectations
    • managing time

    3. Membership of a private facebook group in which the group members can pose questions and support each other. Melissa will contribute to that group for the duration of the course although members may decide to keep it going after the course has ended.

    4. Q&A webinars after each parenting module conducted via Zoom. This element of the course will be on fixed dates.

    5.Six written assignments covering parenting content and some aspects of facilitation. Melissa takes a very personalised approach to these assignments and gives very extensive feedback on each one. Feedback from past participants is that this is an extremely valuable component of the learning. 

    Here's The Full Course Content

    Module 1 - Descriptive Praise

    How to develop a child's motivation, co-operation and confidence using Descriptive Praise

    Result:  children will feel better about themselves, be happier and more confident

    Module 2 - Emotion Coaching

    Improve parents' emotional bond with their children, encourage communication and good behaviour by understanding and helping children manage their emotions more effectively

    Result: children will develop better self-awareness, empathy and resilience Improved communication skills will be key for all relationships

    Module 3 - 

    Being in Charge:

    Understanding the individual child and a parent’s own parenting style

    Looking at stages of development, temperament and adult expectations

    Result : more realistic expectations of children and a better understanding of what really gives parents authority

    Module 4

     - Setting up for Success

    How to make home life more harmonious and reduce stressful moments

    Result: children will feel more successful and ready to take on new challenges and family life will be calmer

    Module 5 - Values, Rules and Rewards

    How to formulate, communicate and follow through on rules consistently in ways that pass on family values and encourage cooperation while preserving a child’s individuality

    Result : A united front with certainty, clarity and consistency = less stress and less arguing! Children flourish when the structure is positive

    Module 6 - Positive Discipline

    How to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours in ways that teach children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes without damaging self-esteem

    Result : Parents learn how to deal with misbehaviour without getting angry - better for adults and child

    Module 7 - Facilitation Techniques

    How to use advanced communication skills and strategies to create connection with and galvanise parents into action. How to manage group dynamics and create the optimal conditions for learning

    Result : clients feel empowered and inspired to use the skills at home

    Examples of feedback you'll get from your clients

    Plus you'll receive as a bonus a copy of Melissa's book - Real Parenting for Real Kids 

    "Inspiring,heart opening and life changing course."

    Thank you for running such an inspiring,  heart-opening, life-changing course. I came with very high expectations and the course exceeded these. The course was delivered with such care and detail, you made everyone feel valued and created a safe space that was not only engaging, thought-provoking and inclusive, not to mention a nurturing environment …. I came away with a real fuzzy feeling in my heart and a motivation to put what I learned on the course into daily practice.

    Danielle Sandler
    Therapist/ Counsellor
    Priory Well Being Centre, Harley Street
    " A well crafted and well organised course"

    I'd like to thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart for such a well-crafted and organised course, that has taught me so much. It has served to deepen my fascination with the vital subject of parenting and has really got me thinking about all the issues on a whole new level, as well as giving me concrete ways to develop my communication and facilitation skills. I was very inspired by your excellent role modelling of everything that you were teaching us, and by your warmth and genuine care for everyone on the course. I am looking forward to building on everything that I have learnt and taking my new knowledge and skills forward.

    Daisy Seal Barnes
    Parent Practice Licensee, Peckham,London
    Founder Raise and Shine
    "Inspired and committed to taking the journey ......"

    You bring this work to life in a unique way with your potent mix of facts, passion and empathy. I learnt an enormous amount and came away realising how much there is to learn but inspired and committed to taking that journey.

    Andrea Worrall
    Partner in The Parenting Partnership
    a Parent Practice Licensee, The Cotswolds, UK
    "One of the best courses I have ever attended."

    The Parent practice’s Training for Trainers Programme is one of the best courses I have ever attended. Anything that is this well organised has hours of meticulous thought and planning behind it. Each of the sessions are balanced with an interesting mix of teaching, interactive group work and videos.

    There is a rigour to everything presented backed up with supporting evidence which leaves one feeling equipped to impart the principles to others with confidence. Melissa is absolutely passionate about her topic. She creates an open and non-judgemental atmosphere which caters to all learning types.

    Milly Ayliffe
    Participant in Train the Trainers Programme 2019
    Childrens and Young Person's Therapist

    Are You Ready To Make A Change?

    You’ll be joining more than 200 parents and professionals  who’ve attended our in-person courses, and many who have started a new career in parenting with the simple techniques they’re learning.

     Any questions about the course,please email to arrange a 15 minute discovery call via Zoom or Skype

    As a result of doing this online training for trainers programme you will

    • 1.

      Have all the skills and tools you need to fulfil your dream of contributing powerfully to the happiness of others

    • 2.

      Be able to inspire and empower parents to bring out the best in their children and give them joy and ease in their family lives

    • 3.

      Open up the possibility of happy, confident and successful futures for the children of your clients, as well as helping them enjoy their childhood now with greater connections with their parents and less stress

    " The best and most inspirational experience of my life."

    I undertook the Train the Trainers course with The Parent Practice in September 2019 led by Melissa Hood. I was immediately inspired and touched by Melissa’s approach and style. She was kind, warm, patient, passionate, compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, empathetic, engaging, had a sense of humour and was inclusive throughout the 5 training sessions, and the cakes she baked were divine :-). The materials she provided were very clear, practical and easy to apply straightaway and tailored to different learning styles.

    The group was diverse, yet we connected and related to each other through our desire as the Parent Practice puts it “ to bring out the best in our children”. I am grateful and humbled to have had the pleasure to work and learn from the other awesome attendees.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the training and it was the best and most inspirational experience I have ever had in my life. Melissa’s style of training, approach and passion made it incredibly interesting, thought provoking, reflective, humbling and rewarding.

    The journey so far has been a revelation and life changing. I can honestly say that I feel truly blessed to have found and trained at The Parent Practice.

    I look forward to contributing and dedicating time to helping other parents enjoy a nurturing and purposeful parenting by sharing the knowledge and skills I have learnt and acquired from my training with the Parent Practice into my professional life as a newly qualified “Parent Practice certified educator”.

    Zahara Sultan
    Attendee on T4T Sept 2019