“Why Won't You Just Do As You're Told?”

When you held your baby in your arms for the first time, you never imagined that one day you’d be shouting at that beautiful little face.

That’s not the vision you had in your mind at all.

But somehow you’ve become “shouty” mum...

Because the only time your child listens is when you scream and shout or threaten to take away their screen time.

It wasn’t meant to be like this.

You were going to be patient and kind. You would bring out the best in your children and help them develop into well-rounded and happy adults.

But there’s no parenting manual. You’re struggling to be the parent you want to be.

And this is your day-to-day reality:

  • 1.

    You feel like shouting or losing your temper is the only way to get your children to respond

  • 2.

    You feel overwhelmed and exhausted to the point where you’re struggling to cope and don’t know what to do to change things

  • 3.

    You feel like you’ve got no control over your children

  • 4.

    You feel the tactics you’re using – like sending your child to his room – aren’t effective... it just escalates the situation, with both of you getting angry

  • 5.

    You worry you’re failing as a parent

You’ve tried to tackle all of this and make things better. But parenting is relentless. And you’re not doing it in a bubble. Life is busy. And you have a lot on your plate and a lot of demands on your time.

Something Has To Change…

I’m sure you’ve started the day determined not to be “shouty” mum.

And that might work for a short time.

But then the reality of a busy morning with kids kicks in. How do you keep calm when one child is reading a Tom Gates book when they should be getting their shoes on, and the other still hasn’t got their school bag ready… and you should have left five minutes ago?

How do you keep your cool when no-one’s listening to you and you just need to get out of the house on time?

A million authors claim to have the answers. The shelves of your nearest bookshop are crammed with books on every aspect of parenting. And yet reading them doesn’t seem to help. What they’re saying makes sense on the page. But they don’t show you how to apply that knowledge.

Or if they do tell you what to do, you try it once but then you don’t have the energy to keep it up.

Which leaves you thinking that maybe there are no answers. Or if there are, you can’t figure out how to make them work for you.

So you start to wonder if you’re the problem. Why are you acting like a crazy scary person rather than the loving mum you know you are in your heart?

Newsflash: It’s Not You!

Parenting is tough. Especially when you don’t have the support and guidance you need.

That not-so-little baby didn’t come with a handbook.

And trying to figure out how to apply abstract concepts from a parenting book when you’re in the middle of shouting at a child who still hasn’t got dressed – or a teenager who’s pushing their luck - doesn’t work for anyone.

Maybe you’ve thought about an in-person parenting course. We know from our own experience of teaching thousands of parents to improve how they interact with their children, that an in-person course can have a positive impact.

But you might not have a class near you. Or it might be impossible to fit an in-person class into your schedule. If you’re busy and overwhelmed by life as it is, then trying to fit a class into your evenings or weekends is probably a step too far.

It could be you’ve already been on a course or had help from the “professionals” – health visitors, children’s centre staff and family support workers. But they’ve given you conflicting advice and you don’t know who you should listen to.

So What’s The Answer?

Stay as you are, having good days and bad days, struggling along through the gut-wrenching experience of real-life parenting?

Or is it time to find another way to acquire the parenting skills that you know you desperately need?

How would things be different if you knew how to handle anything your child could throw at you – physically and metaphorically?

Imagine A Calmer And Happier Home Life As Your Children..

  • 1.

    Become more cooperative, motivated and have increased confidence, less stress and more creativity.

  • 2.

    Develop more emotional intelligence (self-awareness, empathy and resilience) and you and your child have close connection and communication.

  • 3.

    Absorb good values and behave appropriately while still being true to themselves.

  • 4.

    Become more independent and self-reliant, gaining valuable life skills and freeing up quality time for you and them.

  • 5.

    Cultivate better sibling relations, squabbling less and being able to resolve conflicts.

Imagine Yourself...

  • 1.

    Being able to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours, teaching your children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes without damaging their self-esteem. The old world of threats and punishment will be replaced with positive discipline and problem-solving.

  • 2.

    Supporting your child to be successful without creating stress or dependency.

  • 3.

    Becoming an authoritative, not over-controlling, parent and being in charge positively, firmly and consistently.

  • 4.

    Staying calm and reacting appropriately in the face of 'button-pushing' behaviour.

But how do you make all of that happen?

When you’re tired and overwhelmed it can be a challenge to muster up the energy to try something new.

It’s easy to put it off and think you’ll do it another day.

But if you do that you’re choosing a much harder path.

Staying as you are is an option – and we understand the fear of trying yet another “promise the earth” solution to your parenting battles.

But carrying on as you are means:

You’ll carry on feeling stressed and worn out by constant nagging and repeating the same instructions

You’ll feel as if you are failing as a parent

Bedtime battles, homework horrors, sibling squabbles and screen time struggles will constantly wear you down

Your children will carry on negotiating with you around rules and demanding escalating rewards to do the things you think they should already be doing

And – worst of all - you’ll never get to be that parent you imagined you’d be when you first held that tiny baby in your arms.

If any of these things resonate with you, it’s time to do something radically different. Wouldn’t it be good to finally get that parenting manual you wished you’d had from the beginning?

This Is Where We Can Help You.

We are Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan, leading parenting specialists in the UK and Australia, keynote speakers and best-selling authors.

We enable parents to become more effective and start enjoying family life again.

Over the past 14 years we have coached thousands of parents in our parenting classes, workshops, corporate seminars and school speaking events, in simple techniques to help parents raise competent, confident and kind children.

In the past year we have written a No 1 Amazon best-selling book on how to unlock potential in challenging children and are regularly quoted in the broadsheet press and speak on TV and radio.

Our clients tell us we are warm, empathetic and non-judgemental. And we have both practiced our skills at the coalface with our own families. We've seen it all.

Melissa's & Elaine's Experiences As Parents

Melissa has three now-adult children. The biggest transformation was with her middle son who was constantly in trouble at school and struggling academically. His low self-worth showed up in disruptive, uncooperative and sometimes aggressive behaviour at home and in school. Melissa dreaded the call from the head and the whispers of other parents.

She learnt how to bring out the best in him; his self-esteem grew and with it compassion, kindness and understanding for others. He also graduated top of his year at university and is now a parent and runs his own business.


Elaine faced the challenge of parenting a son who had undiagnosed learning difficulties and who by the age of seven had been excluded from three schools. He became The Alphabet Kid with a range of diagnoses and labels ranging from ADHD to ASD to ODD and dyslexia. He experienced much failure at a young age and was written off by conventional education.

However through the use of life-changing positive parenting skills, her son’s self-worth improved, he developed many skills and he finished school as Head Boy. He is now an intrepid entrepreneur with resilience and grit.

Elaine and Melissa's mission is to share their hard-won learning with other parents, to ensure their 'different' or difficult' children survive and thrive and to allow their parents to delight in them.

They’ve done this, coaching more than 6,000 parents at their in-person, London-based courses…

And watching those parents reap the benefits of changing their behaviour, and changing the way their children react to them.

Parents were benefitting so much from Elaine and Melissa’s courses that they begged them to expand outside of London…

"We love your face-to-face training for parents – it's completely changed our relationship with our children and made us much better parents. The kids are definitely happier and they actually do what we ask (most of the time!). They even communicate with us! But we’re so busy – I wish it was more convenient for us to get to you."

“The course was one huge 'aha' moment after another. I feel like I truly understand my children’s needs now and it’s incredible how much calmer and more confident they are. I really want to carry on learning from you but disaster, we’re moving to Scotland! Do you have a team up there?”

“Since my husband and I did your course, our house is a LOT calmer. There’s less shouting, sulking and threatening – and that’s just from us! Our children are flourishing because we’re really connecting with them for the first time. I’ve been raving about you to my sister and she wants to learn your great parenting methods but she lives in Bristol. Are you planning to set up there?"

Building a country-wide team wasn’t in their plan – and even if it had been, it still wouldn’t have made their courses available to all who wanted them. Attendees were recommending them to friends all over the world!

So the obvious next step was to create an online course.

Hours and hours of work went into distilling their ten-week course into videos, notes and action sheets, and the result is this…

Introducing The Positive Parenting Academy.

A 10 Module E-Learning Course For Parents Who Want To Create A Harmonious Family Life With Happy Confident Children. 

This course is designed so you can stop trying to figure it all out yourself and finally have that parenting “handbook” you so desperately need…

… so you can be the parent you always imagined you’d be.

Why Is This Course Different?

When you think about what you’ve read and learned already about parenting, often it all sounds good in theory, but you don’t know how to apply it to those real life situations.

What should you actually say or do when your toddler is stubbornly refusing to do what you want them to. Or your primary school aged child is taking too long to get dressed AGAIN, or your teenager is pushing back on EVERYTHING?

We Don’t Deal Only In Theory

We do explain the theory – and tell you why we’re suggesting something – but we also tell you HOW to use everything we teach you in a practical way. It’s the step that’s missing in a lot of books and courses.

We Show You “How” To Apply This With All Ages

And while these tools and techniques will work with any age group, we recognise that there’s a big difference between toddlers and teens (thought not as big as our teens like to think!) and we give you practical examples for children at different stages.

Here's The Full Course Content

Module 1 - Descriptive Praise

How to develop your child's motivation, co-operation and confidence using Descriptive Praise.

Result: your children will feel better about themsleves, be happier and more confident

Module 2 - Emotion Coaching

Improve your emotional bond with your children, encourage communication and good behaviour by understanding and helping children manage their emotions more effectively.

Result: your children will develop better self-awareness, empathy and resilience. Improved communication skills will be key for all relationships.

Module 3 - Setting up for Success

How to make home life more harmonious and reduce stressful moments.

Result: your children will feel more succcessful and ready totake on new challenges and family life will be calmer.

Module 4 - Values, Rules and Rewards

How to formulate, communicate and follow through on rules consistently in ways that pass on the values you want for your children and encourage cooperation while preserving a child’s individuality.

Result : A united front with everyone knowing what's expected= less arguing! Consistent structures at home result in less stress and better academic outcomes too.

Module 5 - Positive Discipline

How to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours in ways that teach children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes without damaging self-esteem.

Result : You will learn how to deal with misbehaviour without getting angry - better for you and your child

Module 6 - Knowing Your Child

Understand your child's stage of development and temperament so that you can parent most effectively for this child in this moment.

Result : You will be able to be more compassionate and understanding and maximise your child's potential 

Module 7 - Relationships Between Siblings And Friends

How to nurture good relationships and know when and how to get involved to help them resolve conflicts.

Result : Less sibling squabbles and more harmony!

Module 8 - Training Children To Take Responsibility

Encourage self-reliance and thereby build confidence. How to train your children in those attributes that you think would benefit them as adults.

Result: your children will be more independent and able to cope better with life's obstacles

Module 9 - Being in Charge

Explore how to be authoritative without being over controlling or coercive or damaging your child's self-esteem or their ability to think for themselves.

Result: You will develop a relationship with your children based on mutual respect - they'll still talk to you in their teen years and beyond!

Module 10 - Staying Calm

Understanding what pushes your buttons and how to defuse those buttons so that you can access your positive parenting skills when faced with provocative behaviour.

Result : You'll discover how to find the holy grail of parenting -keeping calm!

How Does The Course Work?

You get access to our complete 10 module positive parenting programme

Each module contains videos on each topic, plus written notes which form your own parenting manual

Includes action sheets, links to extra video clips on You Tube and reminder postcards as well as top tip sheets on different hot spots.

You get access to all our Parenting Guides on a wide range of topics including

Parenting in the Digital Age

Girls: Friendships, Communication and Perfectionism

Boys: Understanding Boy World and Discipline

-Teens and Boundaries

-Navigating Anxiety

PLUS access to our library of top tip videos

Plus a free download of the 30 Days to Learn - daily lesson cards with key concepts. These help key concepts stick in your memory and make the learning experience easy and fun. They’re the new flash cards for adults!

"My family is the most important thing to me."

"I have read some parenting books but they are no comparison to this course with its interactivity of the very helpful videos, worksheets, missions, course notes and reminder postcards that I stuck on my fridge. This interactivity, together with the practical content on so many problem areas, meant that I have been able to obtain real results in a very short time.

With the ongoing support, it is so reassuring to know that I have top parenting experts on hand to help me with any problems I may have. My family is the most important thing to me and I am so pleased that this course has been made available to me so that I can follow all of this brilliant advice and have a happy, loving, successful and fulfilled family.”

Suzanne Dibble
The Small Business Legal Expert
"It's amazing how quickly the children respond and change!"

The first module on Descriptive Praise is very informative and helpful indeed. ….it is also amazing how quickly children respond and change.

A little success story from using the ideas of Descriptive Praise this past week (with the help of your list of Examples): Stanley (nearly 5) is usually not very keen on getting dressed by himself and needs a few reminders that it is time to stop playing and to get dressed.

This week after he finally dressed himself, I said : “Stanley, thank you for getting dressed so promptly today while I was helping your younger brother. I know the buttons can be quite tricky but you did them all by yourself and that was a great example for Robert.” He looked at me and said: “Now watch how quickly I can do my shoes”. The next day the whole process took less time and no extra reminders were needed.”

Anoush Davies
Mum to three boys
" My life was a hot mess......."

"My life was a hot mess back in the crazy shout-a-holic days, before I came across The Parent Practice.

I give my deepest gratitude to Elaine Halligan, my parenting coach at The Parent Practice, for running the 10 module parenting skills course that transformed my out-of-control family life into one of peace and harmony."

Kelly Pietrangeli
Mother of Two Teens and Author Of Project Me for Busy Mothers

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

You’ll be joining more than 6,000 parents who’ve attended our in-person courses, and 587 parents who’ve bought this online course and started to create a calmer, happier home life with the simple techniques they’re learning.

It’s never too late to be the parent you always wanted to be

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  • 1.

    Feel calmer and happier

  • 2.

    Feel more connected to your children

  • 3.

    Your children will have greater emotional intelligence, feel better about themselves, be more self motivated

  • 4.

    You’ll experience more quality time together as a family

  • 5.

    Life will become easier and less stressful

  • 6.

    You’ll be closer to being the parent you always wanted to be…